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Key information about Exsis Limited (UK) 

“Technology at Work”

Exsis was formed in 2004 on the bases of over 26 years of experience within two sectors, Automotive and IT (Banking and Software Research and Development). Using the experience from our board members in their respective fields is launching Exsis into other areas within the corporate world and driving us to constantly improve our products and services.

Exsis Limited - Research and Development of Internal Projects

In 2004 Exsis Limited started the process of designing the framework for a PLC code generating application, RPU (Remote Programmable Unit). Our objective was to generate the complete PLC code to a specified standard automatically for the automotive industry based on (Rockwell 5000). This includes key functions, such as Mechanical Devices, PLC Releases, Robotic Devices (including welding and robotics anti-collision zones), Type Shifting, Auto and Manual Interlocks and the HMI interface. The application has been designed to be self generating and also have the ability of being manually configured for improved cycle time, which is of major importance within the automation industry.

In 2007 the maritime industry was added to our client portfolio with the subsequent development of the R.A.S.S. (Robotic Automated Safety System) application. 

In 2009 the R.R.S.P. was designed and with the help of Baker Tilly Corporate Finance LLP, this project will be developed and launched during 2010.