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In 2004 Exsis Ltd was formed as an offshoot of Logicom Online Ltd to specialise in Research & Development of new technologies within the areas of automation and manufacturing.

  • Project Management
  • IT Installations & Diagnostics
  • Robotics & PLC Engineers
  • Bespoke Software Applications

  • Research & Development (New or existing programs)
  • System Design.
  • High level Programming (Coding).
  • IT. Installation and Diagnostics.
  • Systems Integration.

Because of our ability to deal with problems systematically and to translate data into effective solutions Exsis has grown and expanded into other areas.

In November 2011 'Exsis EDA Systems Limited' was formed for the development and global sales of the E.D.A. system (Engineering Diagostic Application). This product is due to be on sale during the 4th quarter of 2016.'

In 2015 the R.R.S.P. was designed and with the help of 'ABB' and 'BWB' LLP, this project will be developed and launched during the 2nd quarter of 2016.