Project Partners 

"Baker Tilly works with a range of high growth mid and large corporates to develop their strategy and risk management approach with the object of creating value. This includes fundraising and arranging mergers and alliances with other corporates, as well as more detailed strategic and management planning.

Baker Tilly is delighted to be supporting Exsis in this way, in what promises to be an important development in marine safety with the R.A.S.S systems and with Highways applications with the R.R.S.P system."

'Jim Clifford, Baker Tilly Corporate Finance LLP' 
"Vayyoo Inc. develops advanced wireless software solutions for next generation enterprises enhancing and embedding mobility in their business critical operations. Vayyoo's latest solution vPost (patent pending) enables mobile phone users to capture and file their field experience in few simple clicks. Vayyoo's vPost platform provides a scalable engineering architecture for building wireless data convergence solutions. Vayyoo is an ISV alliance member with Research In Motion and a solutions partner with Microsoft Corp. Vayyoo is pleased to announce its partnership with Exsis Limited to build advanced solutions."

'Shailesh Kaul'
“ABB (UK)’s Robotics division is working in cooperation with EXSIS on the design and manufacturing of the R.A.S.S. (Robotic Automated Safety System) application for the maritime industry. The robotics, mechanical, electrical and control modules will be developed in cooperation with organizations and companies already in partnership with EXSIS in the R.A.S.S. project.

We at ABB (UK) are glad to play such a pivotal role in the development of this innovative maritime application.
ABB (UK) are also glad to be a key partner in the development of the R.R.S.P project, which will play a key role in health and safety for highways / roads development and maintenance"

'Nigel Platt - ABB Robotics (UK)' 
Keyence Corporation has steadily grown since 1974 to become a leading force in factory automation. It accomplished this by delivering the quality sensors that automation needs. Today, Keyence serves over 100,000 customers in some 70 countries around the world, where its name stands for innovation and excellence. Sensors, found in millions of applications, provide the positioning information essential to factory automation.

There could be no automation of assembly lines without sensors. Keyence has consistently aided the automation revolution by developing superior sensor solutions.

'Terry Yoshikawa - Keyence (UK) Limited'
"The (ISW) Institute of control technology, working in cooperation with Exsis Limited in the technical development of the R.A.S.S. application (Robotic Automated Safety System). The innovative control and technical modules in conjunction with existing technologies provides a platform for new concepts in the technology industry."

'Prof. Dr. Peter Klemm'  
"WT/SH - (Business Development and Technology Transfer, English meaning) represents the State of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany. Within Kiel, a large number of shipping builders and companies are located. The WT/SH is happy to be working alongside Exsis Limited in the development of the R.A.S.S. (Robotic Automated Safety System), providing technical companies and support for this project.”

'Norbert Goss'
"Boult Wade Tennant are one of the top-ranked UK and European patent and trademark attorneys based in London. With specialists across a full range of technologies and scientific disciplines, BWT work to obtain commercially important patent and trademark portfolios for clients ranging from early stage companies through to large multinational corporations."

'John Palmer'
"Over 26 years experience in Industrial Robotic Programming, IT Data Solutions and PLC Programming We offer the highest levels of customer service from initial system set up, programming and commissioning, through to standby cover, training and project management. We are therefore happy to use our knowledge in these fields on the R.A.S.S. project."

'Rob Plowman' 
"Mandriva is one of the few worldwide Linux providers. The company serves both the corporate market (enterprises, government organizations and educational institutions) and the consumer market. The company invests heavily in innovation and is part of several pre-competitive cooperative R&D projects partially funded either by the French government or by the European Union. Technologies developed in these projects are then included in Mandriva's products and tools."